About Docmapper

What is DocMapper?

DocMapper is an interactive web-based mapping platform to help Ontarians find physicians—and especially family physicians—who speak their language.

How do you define “family physician?”

By “family physician” we mean “a physician who provides comprehensive family medical services to the community.” So this excludes specialist physicians like surgeons, and also excludes physicians who may have specialized in family medicine but who are not providing these services to the community. For example, many physicians work in administrative roles, or in non-public settings like military bases or retirement homes.

Is it hard to tell who is a family physician?

It is surprisingly hard to tell which physicians in Ontario are practicing family medicine! There is no single “source of truth” for this information, and so to find physicians who are likely practicing family medicine, we have to use many clues including practice location, education, and registration history. This is a hard problem and we may not have it quite right yet, so we’re refining our methods and improving our data. We aim to publish them in an academic paper when appropriate.

Are any of these physicians accepting new patients?

Unfortunately, no one knows, because no central body in Ontario keeps track of which family physicians are accepting new patients! We’re looking into the possibility of including this information in our site in the future.

Where does the data come from?

Our data comes from public sources, including the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and Statistics Canada. We then process the data to figure out which physicians are likely to be family physicians. We continue to refine these methods, and we aim to publish them in an academic paper when appropriate.

Can I access your data?

Yes, to access our data please contact Dr. Lise M. Bjerre at lbjerre@uottawa.ca. We are also looking at ways to publish our data to make it easier for researchers and the community to access.

Who made this site?

DocMapper was developed at the University of Ottawa and the Institut du Savoir Montfort under the leadership of Dr. Lise M. Bjerre. Dr. Christopher Belanger collected and processed the data, and designed and built the web application. This is the output of a collaborative research process with vital input from Dr. Alain Gauthier, Dr. Patrick Timony, Antoine Desilets, and Dr. Leanda Godfrey.

How is this site funded?

This site was supported by grant funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the SPOR-Francophone Work Group (OSSU- IF-COFFRE), an INSPIRE-PHC Applied Health Research Question, and the University of Ottawa and Institut du Savoir Montfort Chair in Family Medicine.

Can I help?

We would love you to help! In a future update, we hope to allow visitors to suggest corrections to our data. In the meantime, please email Dr. Lise M. Bjerre at lbjerre@uottawa.ca with any questions or comments.

Citing this website

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